If you are looking for a Disc Jockey or an Emcee in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard or Camarillo areas, look no further than Amazing Sounds!

Our DJ's are professionals with the experience to handle your Wedding Reception or Party! With a DJ from Amazing Sounds, you can't go wrong!

Amazing Sounds is priced competitively to other disc jockeys in the Santa Barbara and Ventura county areas. Please call and talk to one of our Entertainment Specialists and we will quote you a price for your wedding ceremony and reception or other party.  Our local number is (805) 382-4676 or call us on our toll free number at (877) 595-7461.

We have many entertainment options available, all of which include TWO Disc Jockeys for each performance.  Why two disc jockeys?  

Because TWO disc jockeys means less stress for you!  Allow me to clarify... What this really means is one person is your Master of Ceremonies (MC) while the other person handles the DJ duties. This insures that there will always be a disc jockey at the console, even while the MC is coordinating with caterers, photographers and other wedding reception vendors.

Would you want YOUR Disc Jockey to leave the console alone for ANY reason? Of course not! You're paying the DJ to stay there and play music, as well as being the Master of Ceremonies for all your Wedding Reception events. One disc jockey can't do the job as well as two dj's can, it's that simple!

And when you compare prices of other 'single' disc jockeys in Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Camarillo or Ventura, you'll find that Amazing Sounds, who provides TWO disc jockeys, will give you the best value!

So give us a call today and setup an appointment with us.  We'll find out exactly what you want for your special day and give you a complete price.

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